Composite Decking Overview

Composite Decking Materials

Composite decking can be an alternative to a natural timber decking solution depending on the required aesthetic and application.

For the last few years the finished appearance of composite decking has been improving at a rapid rate.

With it’s eco sustainable focus, low maintenance and high durability, composite decking is rapidly becoming a popular choice with people looking to enhance the look and functionality of their homes.

There are a number of products on the market and each of them have their own styles, color / texture palettes and material properties.

Starting right back with plain composite timber material structures, most new higher end composite brands employ “capped” solutions which contain a composite core with a hard, traffic resistant outer PVC shell to encapsulate the internal material.

Some manufacturers even go the extra mile to ensure that the “grain” pattern on each length of decking contains variations to mirror a natural timber finish.

There are some distinct advantages of composite materials including the ability to resist moisture, rot and the bowing and cupping that timber can be susceptible to if it is not well maintained.

Some purists will always insist on natural timber solutions due to the inherent character of natural timber products, the smell and feel of them underfoot. Period homeowners may insist on natural timber decking to compliment preexisting timber floors and other features of the property.

Melbourne Decking Company can install composite decking solutions for customers upon request and can assist in answering any questions you may have about it, enabling you to make an informed decision.